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Protect the structure of your home from termites

Termites are small insects that feed on the wood in your home. It does not take long for termites to cause damage to the structure of your home leading to costly repairs. Let us inspect your home and rid your property of termites so you can rest easy knowing that your house is safe.

Not many people can identify termites, but our trained pest control technicians can. If you have small winged insects flying around your home, make sure that you know for sure if they are termites, flying ants, or some other winged insect. We handle Powder Post Beatles, Boring Bees, Old House Borers, and other wood destroying insects as well.

Do you know what termites look like?

Having people poking around your home might make you a bit nervous, but there is no need to worry. Not only are our technicians highly trained to handle termite problems, but we are also licensed and insured to give you peace of mind.

Licensed and insured

We are trained to handle more than just residential pests. Call us for all of your commercial and industrial needs as well!

Call us today to inspect your home and get rid of termites.


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