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Eliminating termites with Bora-Care treatment

If you are building a new home, then you should safeguard against termites from the start. Rather than poisoning the soil beneath the home, Bora-Care treats the wood and makes it so that termites cannot eat it. Treatment is simple and safe for the environment.

Bora-Care shows numerous benefits of traditional termite prevention techniques. Homeowners do not have to worry about toxic chemicals leaking into the water supply because the wood itself is treated. It is not only effective in preventing termite infestation, but also keeps carpenter ants, house beetles, wood borers, and more away.

Benefits of using Bora-Care

With traditional termite treatments, pest control professionals had to coordinate schedules with construction workers in order to avoid delays. With Bora-Care this is no longer necessary. Additionally, weather is not a factor and will not delay the application, saving you time and money.

Fast and simple treatment

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